Saturday, June 28, 2008

Rapidz: Internet broadcasts, in Bloom

It's probably not news to some of you, but the Ottawa Rapidz have introduced an English-language Internet broadcast for their home games. Howard Bloom, one guy who walks his talk when it comes to getting more media coverage for the teams in Ottawa beyondthe Senators, has hooked this up.


Tyler King said...

In a vain attempt to get my name in the running for English play-by-play, I remember suggesting they explore internet broadcasts after getting an email telling me they had no plans to do English radio. That was the one email they never responded to.


Ah well, what're the odds I'd have been as good as "the students from Algonquin College's Sports Business Management program".

...actually, I'm off to cry now.

Robert C. said...

I'm sure the "radio broadcasting" students at Algonquin aren't feeling happy either. Ouch. The Sports Bus. Management team doing radio play by play instead of them? I'd like to be in the halls there in September and see how they feel about that, ha ha.

[From an Algonquin Alumni :-)]

sager said...

Well, not everyone gets into radio to do sports.... remember, Howard is an instructor in the SBM program, and this is a good chance for some students to get some practical experience on the marketing side (with an indie league team, the radio crew is very much on that side; in some cases with minor pro hockey teams, you have play-by-play guys who double as the PR man).

Tyler's gonna get his chance one of these days, so long as the "taint" of Out of Left Field doesn't rub off on him.

Anonymous said...

First of all thanks to Neate for posting this and to Tyler please email me at to talk about the broadcasts