Friday, June 13, 2008

Please forgive this non-sports thought

I wanted to pass on information that I just received in an e-mail that may be of interest to Toronto-area readers.

If you have a bit of a warped sense of humour and aren't easily offended, I highly recommend checking out the musical Evil Dead: The Musical. It's an entirely Canadian production (the longest running domestic show in Toronto history, in fact) and is not your grandma's dinner theatre. Actually, it's a musical that any self respecting jock can fully embrace!

I saw it a couple weeks ago and can honestly say it was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. And no, I'm not affiliated with it in any way.

The show runs to July 4. To thank its fans they are offering reduced tickets for the duration of its run (Mon. to Thur. only). Tickets are $35 and available here. Enter the code LAUGH to get the reduced price.

I recommend sitting in the splatter zone.

Now back to your regular scheduled programming....


Mike said...

Totally agree Duane, I've seen the show 3x actually and will likely see it a 4th time pretty soon! So naturally I too highly recommend it! It was created by some Queen's students if I remember correctly, and has just turned into a great success story. Everyone I've gone to see the show with absolutely loves it, so good!

New reality said...

Queen's was involved...just shocking!!
One has to now wonder why they did an unauthorized biography of Sager's time there...LOL....

sager said...

I was going to sue, but my lifelong goal was to never be involved in a lawsuit and that one is already shot to hell.

George Reinblatt, one of the creators, was a year ahead of me at Queen's (Arts '98 or '99). He was in the Bands at the same time I was double-majoring in The Queen's Journal and sleeping in till noon.

George's greatest moment might have been when he wrote an article during Frosh Week chastising the engineers for being the "biggest bunch of geeks on the planet."

A few weeks later, there was a photo-spread during Homecoming with George, in his Highland dancer's regalia at the football game, posing in front of a throng of purple-dyed engineers who were making like they wanted to cut him up with rusty razors — into perfectly square pieces, mind you.