Thursday, June 26, 2008

Movers n' Shakers

I have such a love for the NBA Draft because it's the one major draft that really has an impact you get to see and rather instantly as well.

There are only two rounds of selections not 50, and while yes there is now the NBDL it's not a farm system. Only a handful of NBA teams completely own an NBDL franchise of their own - most split ownership of a NBDL franchise with a few other teams - so it's not really a feeder system, meaning the drafted players enter their teams directly (for the most part). And then lastly the smaller rosters on basketball teams means you can pretty much go up and down and analyze each draft pick made, which I also enjoy.
Gotta love it!

The other great thing is that yes, every year the rumour mill goes insane leading up to the draft! (as with every other league leading up to the Draft). This year the Raptors are front and centre, and apparently not done according to Doug Smith of the Toronto Star...
Is he done?

Not by a longshot.

Even as we were digesting Jermaine O'Neal, there was a flurry of activity in the Raptor offices until late, late last night and there’s every chance Bryan Colangelo’s got a few things up his sleeve.

Not a lot of downtime time today, it seems.

Word was he’s working on getting another pick –- maybe two –- in tonight’s draft to find people to groom for the future.

The wire hasn't stopped buzzing for what is the start of a very busy offseason for Colangelo and Co., stay tuned for more...

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