Tuesday, June 03, 2008

That's his prerogative

Let's pre-emptively call shenanigans on any columnist who takes the bait and responds to Tiger Woods' comments in the media that, "I don't think anyone really watches hockey anymore."

Tiger actually said something that made him seem remotely human. Don't undervalue that. Besides, it's way to easy to do a riff about how a bad hockey game is still more exciting than 98% of televised golf. Try for something challenging.

This is also a great jumping-off point for a debate — what sport's athletes, coaches and hangers-on are most prone to being snooty toward all other sports? Discuss among yourselves.

Golf, hockey and pretty much all the Olympic sports still contested by amateurs would be in the lead pack.

(Via You Been Blinded.)


Duane Rollins said...

Some of my good friends I watch soccer with can be...opinionated...about their favourite sport and the sophistication level of those that don't share their love...

sager said...

I left those "what's best?" debates behind a long time ago ... that's a byproduct of spending so much time watching a game where guys built like Cecil Fielder and David Wells can be stars.

Mikey said...

Agreed Neate. The only 'what's best' debate left I can see is whether we can stop MMA from taking over the sweet science. At least in boxing ears are chewed, not exploded.