Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Garbo Gonzo?

It's tough seeing a relationship suddenly sour, but that's exactly what has been happening between Jorge Garbajosa and the Toronto Raptors over the past year. Today TSN is reporting that the Raptors are actively trying to buy out Garbajosa's contract since it appears he's once again defying Bryan Colangelo's wishes and playing for the Spanish national team in International Competition (something he did the year prior in the World Championships, leading to reinjury and then a very unhappy Garbajosa on the bench at the start of the Raptors season).

I was eagerly looking forward to the return of "Garbo" this season as he brings a lot to the team, and the friendship with Calderon is also pretty important for keeping Jose happy - or at least everyone seems to think that anyways. One Point Guard is most definitely getting shipped out before the next season and everyone expects it to be TJ Ford, I wonder if this is a sign...

Although he only played for one season Garbo gave it his all for the Raps, it's too bad the relationship appears now to be frayed, he was a gritty, solid player that the team needs! But I mean if a player keeps going against the teams' wishes, not all too surprising to see a move like this take place.

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