Tuesday, June 24, 2008

CIS Corner: Well, they do have the same initials

OK, so it's too glib by half to saw that Les Berry is Canadian university basketball's answer to Larry Brown -- destined to win wherever he goes, which is a lot of places.

Berry, who guided Acadia to the seminal semi-final win over Carleton at the Final 8, has resigned after just three seasons at the Wolfville, N.S., school. There's a whole where there's smoke, there's fire aspect to the coach of last season's CIS runners-up abruptly leaving in the middle of the summer. Who knows, perhaps it's just best to know the end result -- Acadia is now in the hands of Steve Baur, who was interim coach last season while Berry was under suspension.

(Link via The CIS Blog -- which is always seeking ways not to be so Ontario-centric.)

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