Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bettman gives Samueli the beat down - Leafs Nation rejoices

This just came across the wire:

Commissioner Gary Bettman today announced that Henry Samueli, owner of the Anaheim Ducks, has been suspended indefinitely from any involvement with the Ducks and the National Hockey League.

The speculation will be flying about whether this little indiscretion by Samueli will allow Brian Burke to get out of his contract and make the move to Mecc, er, Toronto. It will keep the sports radio phone lines burning anyway...

It has to be said again: What is it that the Leafs see in Burke? He's won a Cup, sure, but there are other guys out there that have done that. It's not like he's at the top every year. Actually, Burke's likely signing seems a bit like Pat Quinn-lite. Or Glen Sather to the Rangers (how did that work out anyway?).

Thinking outside the box is next to impossible in hockey culture. In Leafland, it's just the thinking period that causes problems.

Nineteen sixty-seven, right?

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Dennis Prouse said...

Burke is a larger than life personality, and there is probably a sense that with his, err, strong self-esteem, he would be able to handle the Toronto media without too much difficulty. The press, in turn, would love him because he is always a great quote.