Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Absolutely right, and they were wrong

" 'What's the shelf-life for a website that only has women in bikinis?' McIntyre asked. 'Eventually, there needs to be substance to back up the fluff."
-- The Big Lead's Jason McIntyre, in Monday's L.A. Times

"A lot of the major sports blogs are just thinly veiled soft-porn sites with lightweight commentary sprinkled in between the bikini pics of the plastic-looking silicone sisters. So much for being firmly for the separation of sports talk and spankbank material."
-- Some guy, December 17, 2007
(Obviously, this only applies to The Big Lead, who was subject to a pretty good takedown by the savants at KSK, and many, many others.)

Bissenleitch For The Final Time; or, So You’re Saying I Was Right? (Sports On My Mind)

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Anonymous said...

More women in bikinis for OOLF? Go fo it!