Friday, May 16, 2008

Your M-Cup link-o-rama for Friday

"When I step on the ice, I forget about it. That's why girls don't play hockey."

That’s Nazem Kadri of the Kitchener Rangers on his seven-stitch boo-boo gracing his upper lip. The Record’s Jeff Hicks gives us the rest of Kedri’s insightful prose here.

Hicks also tells us not to worry – really, the Rangers back-up goalie, who is now their starting goalie, isn’t injured. Maybe.

If you want, you can read a bunch of cliches here, as the Record is going all out on this little hockey tournament Kitchener is hosting. They are even blogging! At least I think that's what that is.

Meanwhile, the Belleville Intell's Paul Svoboda gives us a history lesson on early '80s Spokane hockey culture. Oh, and he's added a travel piece into the mix as well.

And, this is just bizarre. Although the author does reference Avril, so that's something.

If you are interested in some, you know, hockey related news about the Bulls you have to look beyond the Quinte region.

Watch out! The Globe let our boy Mirtle out. Not that he needs our help, but...

As a Bulls fan I like the way the London Freep is thinking.

I've been told that there are some non-Ontario based teams playing in this thing too. Evidently, Quebec is involved, as is Washington state.


Dennis Prouse said...

Did I read that correctly? Does Kitchener have a kid on their roster right now who they have to trade AFTER THE SEASON to London to complete the Mason trade? Yikes. I thought most leagues had outlawed those distasteful, "buy now, don't pay for a year!" type deals. That's really bush league, IMO, and runs contrary to the spirit of fair competition.

sager said...

You read it right, D.P. ... what's really distasteful is that the 'insiders' carry on like it's nothing unusual at all.

sager said...

That Kadri quote is priceless -- candid and ironic. He's quoted saying "girls don't play hockey" in one story in The Record while another story in the same paper talks about the diversity on the Rangers' roster.