Friday, May 09, 2008

Who are ya?

First off, don’t panic—Out of Left Field hasn’t been hacked. So, you can rest easy there. Additionally, you can be assured that a sub-rate lounge singer (for instance) hell-bent on taking over the site hasn’t kidnapped Neate.

Nope, it’s nothing like that. What’s happening is that Neate, for reasons not quite clear, has handed over a set of keys to the place to me—some no good, lazy, talent-less hack with nothing better to do with his time than to piggyback on Mr. Sager’s hard work. Why start your own blog when someone has done all the heavy lifting?

So, who am I? My name is Duane Rollins. I am a journalist (of sorts) with an affinity for sports that no one cares about. CIS football? I’m your guy. For several years I published the web site CollegeColours, which was the only news source focused on providing in-depth news and analysis on Canadian college football. That site is on hiatus now, but will be back for the 2008 football season (more on that in the next few months).

Do you know what Toronto soccer fans sing about at 23:13? If so, we are going to have a lot to talk about! I cover TFC for Champions Soccer Radio Network and for the popular blog Soccer by Ives. Last year I helped organize a protest against the Canadian Soccer Association that became known as Black Wednesday (largely because that’s what I named it on the press releases I obsessively sent out). For me, the world’s game starts at my doorstep. Watching the EPL on Setanta is fun and all (even for a Manchester City fan such as myself…), but it doesn’t beat watching the stuff in the flesh. I’m kinda humourless about that point.

Actually, I have yet to meet a sport I don’t like. It’s a love that has served me well as a sport’s writer at a couple MSM locations over the past few years and what keeps me going today, as I attempt to make it as a freelancer.

Don’t worry though. Neate isn’t going anywhere. He’s just looking for a way to give the readers more content and to make this blog the Most Trusted News Source in Canada. Neate’s pure that way.

Me? I’m in it for the money.


Andrew Bucholtz said...

Good to see you here, Duane! Looking forward to more TFC coverage on this site. Great work on the Black Wednesday protest, by the way: that was tremendously well done, and got enough attention to make the CSA realize they have to at least try to look competent. Looking forward to your writing here!

New reality said...

Great to see you again Duane...since moving to a sports gig in Alberta, I haven't been on Dot org at the fact Neate gave you some space...keep up the great work and here's hoping you can make the freelance work (not like some of us quitters)...

Anonymous said...
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