Sunday, May 04, 2008


Hey, that's right, the Minnesota Vikings have added Bernard Berrian, who heretofore was the Chicago Bears' only proven wide receiver under the age of 34. The above YouTube-age is a handy reminder.

(True story: With Berrian in Minnesota, the Bears' leading returning receiver is technically the Other Adrian Peterson. Granted, that's only because NFL lists receivers by passes caught, instead of yards gained.)

Bears running back Cedric Benson, who has enough trouble on the ground (paltry 3.4 yards per carry last season), is having problems on the water too: He was arrested for boating while intoxicated. Hey, it's not like Bryant McKinnie was also trying to steer the ship too back in 2005.

(RosenBlog figures now the big bust has been busted, Benson won't be long for Chitown: "... the only question is not whether they launch the big dope but whether general manager Jerry Angelo tears a hamstring racing for the high moral ground in announcing it."
It's never early to start the juvenile taunting ... (Clip via Daily Norseman.)

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Dennis Prouse said...

The Bears are coming apart at the seams quite nicely. Unless they take some drastic action to improve their offensive skill positions, namely QB, I expect them to be down in 4-12 territory this year.

The fact that we are still four months away from opening night in the NFL, though, is extremely depressing. I just realized the other day that I will put up the pool for the kids, and then take it down again, without an NFL game having taken place.

/weeps softly