Sunday, May 11, 2008


Everyone who checked out early that Stars-Red Wings game -- seldom has a 2-1 lead seemed insurmountable -- missed all the fun at the end. This does little for Mike Ribeiro's approval rating.

Mirtle's summation: "Was Detroit effective in this game? No doubt. Entertaining? That's more debatable."

The CBC's production standards, it should be said, exacerbated the boredom. Has anyone else noticed that when you flip to Hockey Night in Canada, after watching sports on another network, that you have to crank the volume way up? TSN and NBC's use of extra microphones at rink level has created certain expectations when it comes to ambient sound, and Hockey Night in Canada is behind. It really sticks out when it's a dull game in Detroit, where the fans are so used to winning hockey that even those who are still coming out don't get too animated.


andy grabia said...

CBC can't even go a whole game without losing the feed, so I think expecting them to do a good job with the sound while they actually have the game on is a bit unreasonable. Remember, they've only had 50 years to get it right. Give it time.

sager said...

Fifty-six as of next year .... so in another 30 years, they should have it down.