Friday, May 02, 2008


Those who knew him when -- and knew he was born to this -- will be happy to know that Adnan Virk will soon starting working in the field as a reporter for The Score.

It's win-win -- firstly for him, and secondly for all of us late-20s, early-30s types in the media who have maybe had to do the wrong jobs for a while in order to get closer and closer to the right job. For our generation, getting a job that you like, that alone seems worthy of praise and respect. Seeing Virk, who like myself attended Ernestown Secondary School in the Kingston area, succeeding makes some of the rest of us believe that it's possible for us to.

That alone counts. Everything else is kind of secondary. Attabe, A.V.

Calmer, gentler Virk takes reporting role (Chris Zelkovich, Toronto Star)

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