Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hey Chief: It's yours to lose

So, it's happened. With Spokane's 3-1 win yesterday at the Memorial Cup, tonight's game between Belleville and Kitchener has been rendered virtually meaningless.

Now that's not to say that you won't hear this 10 times tonight:

Peter Loubardias: Kitchener once again trying to match lines. What a job by Peter DeBoer here at the MasterCard Memorial Cup!
Sam Cosentino: Yes Peter last change is vital in big games. Both of these teams will desperately want last change for the semifinal of the MasterCard Memorial Cup.
Peter Loubardias: So, tonight's game is huge as we close out the round-robin of the MasterCard Memorial Cup?
Sam Cosentino: Every game is huge at the MasterCard Memorial Cup.

Walk your dog. Play with your kids. Sleep. Watch the Jays strand 11 bloody runners again. Do anything other than watch this meaningless exhibition game. I'll tell you about it tomorrow. Although, I'm going to PVR it and probably watch it at X4 speed while drinking a bottle of cheap red wine.

The tournament starts again Friday and it's Spokane's to lose. In the last 10 years, four teams have gone 3-0 in the round-robin--all four were champions. Additionally, eight of the last 10 teams that received the bye to the final went on to win.

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Tyler King said...

A friend and I have decided that the only sound that can emanate from Sam Cosentino is "mum blum blum blum blum". Although I guess we could add "MasterCard" to that list.