Friday, May 23, 2008

Enough already. OK, once more then. But, that's it. I mean it.

So, yeah—Kitchener and Belleville. Again. For the ninth time in three weeks.

There isn’t much left to say. Other than to make more “Bull” puns. And, talk about how much Kitchener hates that Perry kid. Or wonder…just who are these kids kissing? I suppose you could throw Josh Unice under the bus if you were really looking for something to say.

Seriously, there is little point in trying to break it down and get all analytical. The game’s not going to be predictable.

If Belleville wins it will be the story of the small town underdog avenging its OHL final loss by winning five of six games against the big, rich Rangers. Mike Murphy will be heralded as the best non-drafted player in the world. Someone will call the Fan590 to demand that the Leafs sign him.

If the Rangers win it will be manifest destiny. A sign that the Rangers can step it up when it matters most, having won game 7 of the OHL final and the M-Cup semi-final. Peter DeBoer will be heralded as the best coach not in the NHL. Someone will call the Fan590 to demand that the Leafs hire him.

The loser will feel cheated by the format—Belleville will ask why Wednesday wasn’t the deciding game and Kitchener will wonder just why they are still playing Belleville anyway. Sportsnet will get some great “agony” shots tonight at the final buzzer. Junior hockey players still cry. Somehow it’s easier to be the 57th best team in the CHL than it is to be the third.

Then, Spokane will win 4-1 Sunday. Or, something like that anyway.

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