Tuesday, April 01, 2008


The closer I got, the more those feelings grew...

  • Who made less solid contact last night? The Blue Jays batters or the Senators defencemen?
  • Best Dave Schreiber-ism conveying the disgust of the Sens not-so-faithful: "Schubert didn't have a lane, but he shot it anyway."
  • On the topic of the Jays are their runner-stranding ways, Mike Wilner has the hard evidence for anyone who still believes in sacrifice bunts (not that they'll listen).
  • The Royal Canadian Air Farce got cancelled and Nickelback's Chad Kroeger got a DUI conviction, both on April Fools' day.
  • It must be the withdrawal symptoms from being on vacation this week and not writing the regular Sun column -- have to pass along word that a standout basketball player from the Valley, 6-foot-5 Brendan King from Petawawa, has committed to play at Lakehead next season. Players from a school of 387 students (General Panet) don't get recruited every day.

(This was supposed to have been posted much earlier; computer problems and real life, you know.)


Anonymous said...

As Spring approaches I cannot help but recal Lamartine's "Le Lac"

"Un soir, t'en souvient-il, nous voguious en silence..."

If the Sennies flame out, it'll give me a chance to do some gardening, get some exercise and some sunshine.

Bring on the failure Jason!

As well, someone emailed the morning guys...ALfredsson was seen looking at golf magazines at the Kanata Chapter's.

The irony is delicious. :-)


Anonymous said...

Two things:

The lack of physical response to the Leafs when Mike Fisher and Daniel Alfredsson were cut down like pieces of steak is absolutely appalling, but not suprising given the general gutlessness on the Senators.

The fact Murray is ASKING Heatley whether he'd like Hartley behind the bench (see Bruce Garrioch's column) shows he's finally ready for the retirement home. The LAST thing this team needs is a coach that the players like.

But they are beating the Maple Leafs...all is well, no Stanley Cups in sight but all is well...