Thursday, April 17, 2008


Scenes from the day after The Dying Swan In Padded Shorts closed in a record short amount of time:
  • Far be it to suggest that being a Leafs fan and living on a street that has the same name as a legendary Montreal Canadien ratchets up the spite -- but a house on Beliveau St. was flying a Leafs flag. That had better have been up before last night.
  • A half-Senators, half-Canadiens shirt hung in a car window. Everyone else has to make a choice, so do you, pal.
  • Mirtle, for probably not the last time, reiterated that it's not Ray Emery's fault.
  • A friend, over lunch, relating how he tried to see if he could get his drink in something other than a Senators cup at Subway the other day. "No," he was told. "We have 500 of these to get rid of."
  • A father and his four- or five-year-old daughter out for a walk; it looked straight out of a Church of Latter-Day Saints PSA until his red hat and forlorn expression gave him away.

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