Wednesday, March 19, 2008


So now there's no chance of an English Patient sequel, phew ... what, too soon?

  • Your ideas are intriguing and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter ... now how long would you have suspended Chris Pronger?

  • Ottawa's CFL revival in 2010 very well could be for real.
  • Drunk Jays Fans has a good riff on Rogers applying for a baseball specialty channel: "I can't wait until the station is a year old and they start programming movies like Goodfellas just because in one scene Robert De Niro has a baseball bat in his hand." Wasn't that The Untouchables? "A man's gotta have his enthusiasms."
  • UFC having Budweiser as an official sponsor, that's the perfect marriage of something that's barely of a sport and something that's barely of a beer.
  • Speaking of which... be careful, Sault Ste. Marie city Coun. Frank Manzo, that you don't get sued for saying got "duped" by a certain someone. (The Soo is looking for a new title sponsor on the Steelback Centre.)
  • Ask and ye shall receive, a Barry Bonds update.


Dennis Prouse said...

Well, you need money to launch a lawsuit, and the former beer baron now lacks access to a corporate bank account to pay the lawyers. I think the Soo Council member will be OK.

As for the re-birth of the CFL in Ottawa, from your lips to God's ears. The death of the franchise the last time was a horrible miscarriage of justice. Ottawa has great sports fans and a long, proud football tradition. I really feel that the new CFL franchise will be like the re-birth of NHL hockey in Colorado and Minnesota. With new ownership and the right business strategy, it will take right off. This will, however, require City Council to show some brass and approve the redevelopment of Lansdowne to include (gasp!) housing. The alternative to private development is another decade of empty asphalt and decaying buildings, as the city doesn't have a dime to revitalize Lansdowne, but you just know that Clive Doucet will be trying to lead a change to kill anything that looks like progress at Lansdowne. We shall see if common sense and forward thinking prevail here.

Dan R. said...

I think Sportsnet should hire that guy as a foil for Nick Kypreos.