Wednesday, March 12, 2008


There's plenty of back story with righty-throwing reliever Greg Bunn, the Rapids' newest acquisition.

The 25-year-old began his pro career in 2004 with none other than the short-season Class A Vermont Expos -- owned by none other than Ray Pecor, the owner of the late and lamented Ottawa Lynx. Bunn also, believe it or not, operated a hot-dog stand -- Bunbun's -- during his freshman season at East Carolina in 2002, so his mother could keep up with the bills while his dad recovered from a heart attack.

East Carolina is in Greenville, N.C., in Can-Am League commissioner Miles Wolff's home state, so it's possible that Bunn has been on Miles' radar screen since his college days. He had a good career there and gave back to the fans, as evidenced by the open letter he sent to fans after signing with the Expos following, where he regretted not being able to lead the Pirates into the College World Series and that he was going to miss playing his senior season since he'd signed with the Expos.

Bunn's career stats show he's averaged more than a strikeout per inning as a reliever last season in the Washington Nationals chain, posting a 4.01 ERA in about 60 innings at Class A. His walk rates have occasionally been high, but he still comes off as a pretty good signing for the team.
The Rapids are wise to build around pitching. Their stadium is not exactly a launching pad for home-run hitters.


Pete Toms said...

N, thanks for this, haven't seen it anywhere else.

The roster is taking shape and I think we're starting to get a solid sense of what sort of ball we'll be seeing. I'm very optimistic.

sager said...

Well, it's on the Can-AM blog! :)

The Universal Cynic said...

I love that title.

(Yes, that's all I have to say.)