Friday, March 07, 2008


It's always nice to be one of the first three people to respond to an online poll -- which is to say at this writing 33% of the respondents answered yes to the Ottawa Sun poll, "Will the Toronto Maple Leafs make the playoffs?"

(The answer was "yes," since it didn't specify which year.)


Dennis Prouse said...

The Leafs are pulling the same trick in which the Canucks used to pull -- make a spirited run late in the season, when it is too late, and win just enough games to screw yourself out of a good draft pick. The meaningless late season run, though, fills the fans with hope for next year, hope that is dashed by the time Halloween rolls around.

Seriously, though, the salary cap and early free agency mean that no team in this league is ever that far away. If the Leafs had been getting this kind of goaltending all year from Toskala, for example, they might be in the playoffs right now. One of the things the new CBA is designed to do, much like the NFL's system, is sell hope that any given year might be your team's year to make a run at it.

sager said...

Yes, the Bettman plan is in full effect ... have a nauseatingly cyncial system where fans never know for sure if their team is an actual worthy or if if Dame Random Fortune decided to bless them.

That's why baseball and basketball are the sports of choice ... the deck might be stacked against the less profitable franchises and the smaller cities, but very little is given to you.

New reality said... figure it will be that soon??? Or is that when MLSE finally wises up and fires Peddie???