Sunday, March 02, 2008


The Kingston Frontenacs are definitely the OHL version of the Leafs -- that bad team which can't even bottom out properly.

The only take on the Fronts winning all three games this weekend is that the real race for them is trying to catch Owen Sound, who's three points ahead. That way, they would drop from No. 3 to No. 4 in the draft order. Slipping down a rung would help their odds of taking a player who, you know, might actually report to Kingston. (Shades of the '05-06 Leafs: They had four power-play goals in a 4-3 overtime win today, complete with the captain who couldn't be traded, Justin Wallingford, scoring the game-winner.)

The Fronts are only three points behind the Sound Attack and have three games in hand. Oh, and they're only 11 points out of a playoff berth with seven games left. Good luck with that.

Meantime, proof there's no trust left in the world: Folks at the Fronts Talk message board are calling shenanigans over the official attendance of 4,005 at Friday's game against Barrie.

Unfortunately for Frontenacs owner Doug Springer, only teams which have have won a playoff series this decade get the benefit of the doubt these days. Then again, some would say that Springer's shenanigans are cruel and tragic, which makes them not shenanigans.

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Big V said...

So the fronts are trying to make a run for it...
Its really to bad becasue if by some miracle they do make the playoffs then somehow everyone will deem this year a success and everyones favorite GM will be hailed as a hero and will keep his job.

If the frontenacs are really going to rebuild after this year, they are going to need somone who knows how to pick good players. SO i feel bad saying this, but hopefully the dream dies really soon and mav gets the axe.

Dennis Prouse said...

It's funny to see the Fronts rallying like this, at the same time that the 67s, led by Hockey Hall of Famer Brian Kilrea, are in freefall. Ottawa looks simply dreadful lately - Logan Couture, who looked like such a terrific pro prospect a year ago, has disappeared into the mist after his two concussions. As one might expect, he is playing purely perimeter hockey. Toss in injuries to other key forwards like Jamie McGinn and overager Jason Bailey, and the 67s will be lucky to hang on to the 8th and final playoff spot. If they do, they will get blasted in four straight. All of a sudden, Killer is looking awfully mortal as a coach and GM.

sager said...

You do get the true measure of an OHL coach and the organization when they don't have the superstars, the first- and second-round draft choices and just have to win games through hard work.

The 67's only need one more win to clinch a playoff berth, but holding off Peterborough to stay in seventh isn't looking good... looks like 5 games and out against one of the killer B's (Belleville or Brampton).