Monday, March 10, 2008


Attention should be paid to the two Kingstonians who earned CIS women's hockey medals. McGill's Rebeccca Martindale garnered gold and Laurier's Kaley Powers collected silver after the Martlets' 2-0 win in the championship game tonight in Ottawa.

McGill captain Shauna Denis, of Stittsville, got to cap her career by winning the national title that's eluded the Martlets for many years. There's something for everyone in this story. Kim Kerr had a hat trick for the Ottawa Gee-Gees in their consolation-game win today. Carleton can now say that they lost out to the eventual national champions, while Queen's fans can spitefully point out that McGill's first CIS title in a women's team sport comes just 20 years after the Golden Gaels pulled off such a feat.

How's that for localizing a story? A fuller account is at The CIS Blog. Tyler King will be along to lay waste to this post in good time.

(OK, fair is fair: It's only been 19 school years since Queen's won the CIAU soccer title in 1988. Congratulations, McGill.)

McGill wins women's title; Kingston players square off in national hockey final (Kingston Whig-Standard)


Andrew Bucholtz said...

Haha, I'm impressed you were able to pull up the 1988 soccer championship so quickly: I definitely remember hearing about it, but I thought it was a pretty obscure piece of knowledge. Nice to see some Kingstonians get medals: now if only we could convince more of them to stick with the local school...

sager said...

Hey, it's a good trivia question -- name Queen's two most recent CIS championship teams. Everyone remembers the other one.

Tyler King said...

Bill Miklas called it live, the first shutout in Vanier Cup history as the Gaels beat the St. Mary's Huskies in 1992, which remains the last time Queen's won a national title.

And Neate, I have no intention of laying waste to a women's hockey post - just because I'm a member of the Queen's media doesn't mean I purport to be an expert on sports I don't actually see live.

sager said...

Well played, sir ... only I would be so pompous to purport to be an expert on sports I don't actually see live.

(I did see the '92 Vanier Cup live, though.)

"The brains went on to beat the jocks, 31-0." -- Toronto Sun

Tyler King said...

I wouldn't dare apply that label to you!

sager said...

Too late; it's self-applied. Heh-heh-heh.