Thursday, February 21, 2008


It's worth poring over Sports Illlustrated's article on the cultural significance of the slam dunk just for this fun fact:

"At the All-Star break Nuggets reserve forward Linas Kleiza had more dunks (40) than Vince Carter (35). What a surprise that Carter wasn't voted onto the '08 East All-Star team. "When that jumping ability dissipates," says (former NBA star Dominique) Wilkins, "you're just an ordinary guy.

Fewer dunks than Linas Kleiza? To think that some people accuse Vince Carter of being too spineless to take the ball inside and instead settling for jumpers. He's a settler. No true man settles. He always wants more.

On a semi-tangentially related note, had to laugh at the headlines some papers ran after Chris Bosh torching Dwight Howard for forty points in the first game since that display in the dunk contest: "Bosh is Howard's Kryptonite" ... "Bosh gets last laugh against 'Superman' " ... "Super, man."

It must have been the most dominating performance by a Raptor going all the way back to February 2007, when someone named Chris Bosh lit up Orlando's Dwight Howard for forty-one points. Of course, the first time Bosh went off on Howard, there might have been 14,000 people in the Air Canada Centre. Last night, it was a sellout. The Raptors' increasing popularity is a welcome development.

Oh, and fare thee well in Detroit, Juan Dixon.

Bet you wish you could dunk (Chris Ballard, Sports Illustrated)

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