Wednesday, February 06, 2008


At long last, Kingston's downtown arena has a corporate imprimatur: Local radio station K-Rock 105.7 is going to have its brand grace the new home of the the Kingston Frontenacs (not so much a hockey team as a human comedy on skates).

It's a big day for K-Rock, and no one should want to rain on their parade.

However, this is, after all, the Frontenacs, who are oh for the 2000s when it comes to winning a playoffs series and owner Doug Springer and GM-for-life Larry Mavety. On the message boards, someone has already suggested dropping the hyphen and dubbing the new rink the "Krock Pot," since "it is a rather untastely medley that Springer and Mav will have stewing in there."

That's kind of unfair. It's not like the building has a removable clear roof, like an actual crock pot. Then again, it captures it perfectly, since anything Mavety has said in the past three months about the last-place Fronts moving in a positive direction is a "Krock."

One question: In keeping the way Mavety's coaching style is permanently frozen in time, does this mean K-Rock can no longer play anything recorded after 1989?

(UPDATED: According to the same thread, "Krock Pot" made the local news tonight. It seems to have stuck.)

(Here's where you can vote for the name ... there is a write-in option!)

K-Rock sings winning tune; Radio station awarded naming rights for new sports and entertainment centre (Jordan Press, Kingston Whig-Standard)


Dr. Johnny Fever said...

Moldy oldies and flying turkeys... take shelter now, Kingston!!!

sager said...

"With god as my witness, Herb, I could've sworn turkeys could fly."