Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Steve Nash and the Phoenix Suns are done after a five-game first-round loss vs. the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA playofs last night. Here's the post from Feb. 6, the day the Suns traded for superannuated Shaquille O'Neal, that intuited their early demise.

For a hoops nut, Shaq on the Suns is the equivalent of when Bob Dylan went electric.

Let's just say Phoenicians are not reacting favourably to the scuttlebutt that the running and gunning Suns are going to sacrifice Shawn Marion for a glacial Shaquille O'Neal.

This much is true: Every NBA Finals since the Michael Jordan Bulls broke up 10 years ago has included a dominant big man, either Shaq or Tim Duncan. This is the Suns, though, the team that defeats conventional wisdom, if not the San Antonio Spurs in a playoff series.

Oh, well. You know how there's that book about the Suns, 7 Seconds or Less? These days, that refers to how long it takes Shaq to post someone up.

Great simile from the Palm Beach Post on the phenomenon of acquiring an aging big man: "They say the two happiest days in a man's life are when he buys his boat -- and sells his boat."

There's a more topical post at With Malice. As for Suns coach Mike D'Antoni, he'll be looking for a new job, so let the Raptors speculation begin (although that's a pretty pricey coach for a .500 team). One other hoops note -- Spain is not counting on having Jorge Garbajosa for the Olympics in August, but how cool would it be to wear a red-and-gold José Calderón jersey?)


Scooter said...

Everyone has been ripping this trade. Marion wasn't happy and now he will get the recognition he deserves. His off season trade request hurt the chemistry and the team and it has showed. The therapists and health experts that have kept an aging Nash healthy will also help Shaq. Despite what everyone thinks Shaq lives to be on the floor, work hard and help his teamates. He can spread out the floor and that will help the Suns. Shaq and Amare will be a strong force come playoff time and can handle the Spurs slow tempo methodical half court game. Shaq is the answer. I remember this kind of talk when the Suns landed a guy called Thunder Dan, and he proved everyone wrong. Kerr knows what he is doing. The Suns can adjust and will love their new big man. Give Shaq a chance, he is coming from a last place team to a first place team. This is just what the "Diesel" needed to get it going. I'll bet Shaq Daddy can't wait for a game against Kobe and the Lakers in post season.

sager said...

The post was tongue-in-cheek about how the Suns have gone against everything people believed they stood for since D'Antoni and (at the time) Bryan Colangelo remade the franchise. It was easier to root for them trying to win that way.

An open mind seems to be the best way to look at it. Like you say, there should be a difference between Miami Shaq and Phoenix Shaq.

Amanda Blank said...
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