Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Don't that beat all: No amount of searching on YouTube could turn up the Seinfeld clip where George and Kramer have to break it to George that he's a chucker. It would been apropos after watchiong some of the prayers that DeShawn Stevenson and Roger Mason somehow got to fall for the Washington Wizards in their overtime win over the Raptors tonight.

Of course, the Raptors lost the game on the boards, where Washington retrieved 19 (!) of their own misses, effectively shortening the game by several possessions. Arrrrrrgh.

Like Dinosty said, "I think we all know we’re a better team and should take two ... But I'm not sure the Wizards know that."

Ah, chin up: There's a rematch tomorrow night and the decision to start Joakim Noah in fantasy this week -- without consulting Rotoworld for once! -- is paying off. Thirteen rebounds tonight.

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