Monday, December 10, 2007


It took a while, but it did not escape notice that the Queen's Golden Gaels ended the Western Mustangs' monopoly on the national competitive cheerleading crown a couple weeks ago.

Western has basically won every year as long as there's been a national competition. It's beena long time coming for the young men and women and long-time coach, Sandy Han. No doubt every team that was the championships (Laurier won the women's division) felt like they'd won something too, by seeing Western lose.

Sorry, 'Stangs, we can't help it. We are weak that way; it's a trade-off from having had the good grades and the good taste to pick another school. Now, seeing as Queen's has beaten Western in basketball twice and taken away their cheerleading crown, is there any clearer sign that some high power wanted the Gaels to win that football playoff game where they got hosed blew it back in October?

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