Thursday, November 01, 2007


Actress Kristy Swanson is off the hook legally for charges stemming from an alleged altercation with Marcia O'Brien, the ex of her S.O., former Olympic skater and very active gadfly Lloyd Eisler.

This space has had some fun with this otherwise brutal story. The bottom line is Eisler apparently jilted a woman who loved him alone with two baby boys to take up with someone who once played the love interest in an Adam Sandler movie. C'est la vie.

Said it before and will say it again: You never say you're going to see someone in hell since that presumes the existence of a just God and an afterlife, but there ain't no ice skating where Mr. Eisler is headed -- unless the Leafs win the Stanley Cup one of these years.

Lloyd Eisler's Bizarre Love Triangle (June 18)
Buffy The Alleged Homewrecker Hey, Do They Have Ice Skating In Hell? (Aug. 9, 2006)

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Anonymous said...

"Herbie" had a very Clintonesque reputation as a lecherous hound dog long before he ever took up with this Marcia woman. If she didn't know of his track record, she should have. I feel badly for her, but it is a mystery why she thought it was going to work out any differently for her than it did for Isabelle Brasseur, who at least had the good sense to drop back and punt before marrying the louse.

For her part, Kristy Swanson will soon discover what every "other woman" ultimately discovers -- if he left her, he'll do it to you also. It's just a matter of time.