Sunday, November 11, 2007


That 30-point Raptors win over the Chicago Bulls came so easily that it almost seems best to treat it lightly, since it might, as Kramer once said on Seinfeld, "one big tease."

The long and short of it: Jamario Moon made a case for being a rotation player. He seems to give them some length and a defender with some lateral quickness, something they haven't had since, what, Keon Clark's first days with the franchise? The offence ran itself: Thirty-six assists on 41 baskets is almost unheard of in the NBA. T.J. Ford had 14 assists.

Isn't it odd how the Raptors play better once they get on the road and away from all the negative energy that a certain segment of the population in Casual Fan City brings with them? (OK, so it has to do more with Orlando being decent and Philly and Chicago being either mediocre and/or struggling, but still.)

Raptors stomp Bulls 101-71 (Doug Smith, Toronto Star)
Raptors-Bull highlights (Yahoo! Sports)

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