Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Gut reaction to the Raptors' 92-88 loss to the Utah Jazz:
  • The lack of execution in the endgame was hard to take, but it is Nov. 14, not April 14. Between being caught napping on that inbounds pass under the basket with just more than a minute to play, and T.J. Ford forcing a well-off-the-mark tying three in the closing seconds, it was bad, but there's a lot of ball yet to play.
  • Think positive. At least the Raptors are showing their depth when Carlos Delfino, Jamario Moon and Kris Humphries play big-time minutes. It's going to help in Jan. and Feb. when some teams will have a killer combination of injuries and illinesses.

    The shooting was ice-cold (it happens), but the defence was solid for about 85 per cent of the game. Utah had to work for every bucket.
  • One of the coaches needs to figure out why the Raptors always seem a step slow coming out timeouts and quarter breaks. It's been a huge problem for a while. Utah had that alley-oop with 70 seconds left, plus it got an easy backdoor layup on the first play of the second half. It's so frustrating to see that. Granted, the Jazz have the tenured professor in Jerry Sloan coaching, while Sam Mitchell is kind of like a grad student with teaching duties. Mitchell's lectures would definitely be more interesting.
  • It is odd how the jump shots don't go down when you're setting for jump shots.

    On the plus side, the lousy shooting was well-timed. Yours truly's team in the Rockhard Fantasy League, the drolly dubbed GoodEnough4Odessa, is playing someone this week who has Chris Bosh (5-for-12 tonight) in his lineup. Good friend Neil Acharya, of the not so drolly dubbed Neil Acharya's Team, also has Andrea Bargnani and his 1-for-11 line, so it's all good.

    So much for never being that guy who roots against his team's own players due to fantasy league implications, but something had to be salvaged from this night.

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