Thursday, November 15, 2007


The Guelph Mercury that the hometown Storm are going to get Cory Emmerton from the Kingston Frontenacs in exchange for a draft choice and a local boy, Jamie Arniel. The teams play Sunday, so that might make a trade awfully convenient.

If it happens, consider it a ripple effect from Larry Mavety's disastrous decision to draft goalie Daryl Borden in the second round in 2005, one pick ahead of Arniel being selected by Guelph (not the first time, nor the last, that the Frontenacs passed on a good prospect from right in their own backyard. They must figure those boys, their parents and agents know way too much about how the organization does business.).

Borden mostly flopped when he got a chance to be The Man in Kingston, so the Frontenacs had to deal their No. 1 choice in '05, Luke Pither, to the Storm to get a goalie, Jason Guy. Now Pither is playing well in Guelph. Arniel reportedly isn't and he could end up in Kingston colours.

Back in the summer, this space had some fun at young Arniel's expense over some comments he'd made at Facebook (over something that in hindsight, should have been left alone). He handled that like a champ and now he might be one of the good guys for the Limestone City's Light Brigade.

While we're here, did anyone see that Fire Larry Mavety was mentioned in Thursday's Ottawa Citizen? God love 'em. (Fire Larry Mavety, that is ... OK, fine, the Citizen too.)

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