Thursday, November 29, 2007


Let the record show the Kingston Frontenacs, who had the bus legs and lost 8-3 tonight to Windsor, are oh-for-3 on a tough six-game stretch that was framed as being a telling indictor of whether they would be in the hunt for a playoff spot.

The diehards at Fronts Talk were a bunch of Amazing Kreskins: One predicted that defenceman Corbin Crawford would fight the Spitfires' Ryan Baldwin, and it took all of 24 seconds for them to drop the gloves.

Of course, this is the Frontenacs... they were already down 1-0 when that fight broke out and Crawford might have hurt his shoulder, possibly putting himself out of the next two games of this western swing through Saginaw and Plymouth. Who's running this team?

In fairness, it's a long trip to Windsor and after all, a team owned by Doug Springer and coached by Larry Mavety is basically down 2-0 before it even hits the ice.

Of note: Kingston native Taylor Hall had three points on the night for the Spits; Eric Wellwood scored twice to bring his season total to five, one more than his big brother Kyle has for the Leafs. (What? The Leafs won?)

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Tyler King said...

Also of note, Ben Shutron is a surprisingly good colour commentator.