Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Kingston Frontenacs owner Doug Springer must believe that Larry Mavety could walk across the Cataraqui River without taking the bridge.

The Limestone City's Light Brigade has installed the GM-for-life as coach of the local shinny concern for the third time -- never mind that no Frontenacs team that was put together and coached by Mavety has ever won a playoff series. It's no shock, really, but talk about not living up to Springer's promise, made upon the ouster of Bruce Cassidy, that he was going to do whatever it takes to make the Fronts a competitive OHL franchise again.

The Frontenacs always take the most cut-rate, predictable course of action, which is too freakin' bad since it's going to something big and bold to get them out of the nice little rut they've dug. New blood is needed; finding out Mavety is going to coach and that assistant coach Tony Cimellaro (nice guy, his mom was my landlady in another life, but still from inside the dysfunctional Fronts family) might become the eventual replacement is not welcome news. Someone from a winning organization has to come in and Springer has to let him run the show.

Springer must figure that so long as he's seeing a profit with the team and keeping the well-helled chamber-of-commerce types happy, it's all good. He's not obliged to ice a winner just because city taxpayers have built him a new arena. And no one really cares who coaches the Frontenacs, with their sub-2,000 crowds night after night. Well, at the rate the Fronts are going down the crapper under Mavety, Springer will be right about no one caring soon enough.

By the way, check out this newly discovered blog: Fire Larry Mavety. Very nichey, but a sentiment we can all get behind.

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Mavety to stay behind bench; Assistant coach Cimellaro takes on some GM duties (Doug Graham, Kingston Whig-Standard)


Dennis Prouse said...

Just ask Jim Popp and Tom Higgins how well it has worked out for them when they decided to take on Head Coaching duties. Both of them were safely tucked away in the GM's office, and both decided that it was more fun to coach. It's fun to be around the guys, and it's an ego boost to be in a more high profile position. You also leave your butt hanging out a mile -- a year ago, it was unthinkable that the Alouettes would fire Popp, but apparently it's a real possibility now. Higgins is doomed in Calgary. Both guys were excellent executives who just couldn't stay away from the sidelines, and may both be out of a job soon as a result.

Long story short, Neate -- the fastest way to get rid of Mavety is to have him behind the bench all year. The fool could have bought himself another year or so by hiring a new coach, but he is letting his ego get in the way or self-preservation.

sager said...


Frontenacs fans are hoping you're right about that... moving Tony Cimellaro in is hard to judge, since he doesn't have experience. Someone from outside the organization really needs to come in.

They should beg Jim Hulton to come back.