Friday, October 05, 2007


As you were getting the car towed out of the lake...

  • Holding a pre-game ceremony to raise a banner for winning the conference championship is not the least bit bush-league.

    The 1995 Vancouver Canucks

    The NHL's back in full swing, which means it's the season for push-the-bile hoser pathos. God love us but Hockey Night in Canada sometimes spurs the question of how any cool people ever come from this country.

    Sure, the Senators completed a two-game sweep of the Leafs last night, but that's off-set by the totally trite decision to play U2's Beautiful Day while the banner was being raised. The Senators are far from that only NHL organization that would select a song that would have been totally cliché at a high school commencement five years ago, but they were the only one who did so last night. Next time, find something from Bob Seger's catalog. He's 62 years old and still badass.

    Just before that, Ron MacLean was doing his pre-game standup in front of group of kids about 12 and 13 years old, one boy surrounded by a bunch of girls, and said something that sounded like, "We've got Jordan here with his harem," not that any of the kids noticed since they were just so caught up in being on TV. Evidently, Ron MacLean has decided he's bulletproof at the See Bee See and is going to push the envelope this year by saying totally idiosyncratic and borderline inappropriate stuff. Around then we winked out and flipped over to baseball.
  • All of that was probably just anger at Martin Gerber for letting in two goals and robbing us of an ingenious parlay that Toronto FC would outscore the Leafs last night. OK, so that bet was never made, but imagine the odds you would have had. (FC won 2-1 and only needed New York to score once into its own net.)
  • Those of a certain junior-high mindset who remember the rumours that have dogged NFL QB Jeff Garcia, thanks largely to then-teammate Terrell Owens slurring him, might find this photo kind of amusing. On a larger point, how sad is it for the NHL that the Tampa Bay Lightning are so hard up for star power they have to trot out Garcia, who's played for five teams in five years, to whip the crowd up?
  • Friday Night Lights season premiere, 9 p.m. Eastern, tonight.


Dennis Prouse said...

I can understand putting up the banner, but unless it's a Stanley Cup banner, for God's sake just have the maintenance guys do it one night when the building is empty. A big ceremony? How bush. "Yay! We finished second and got our butts kicked by a team called the Ducks!"

Anonymous said...

Its just showbiz guys. hockey is a business and you want to sell merchandise, like some eastern conference champ shirts and jersys.

Of course another way to sell merchandise is to slightly alter your logo every few seasons so that all the old merchandise becomes obsolete. We trendy people will just have to rush out and load up on the latest Sens fashions, won't we?

We sometimes get so up tight about all the peripheral stuff surrounding pro sport. like whether or not they should have had a ceremony to raise that banner. Who really cares. The merchadisers care and we just play their game by taking notice. Pro sports is a business and selling the product any way they think they can is the name of the game, so it is not worth getting our noses out of joint about the peripheral stuff. Instead, just enjoy the hockey.

sager said...

Speaking strictly for myself, I could never bring myself to wear a conference champions hat or T-shirt, or one for a division title... granted, even a T-shirt for a world championship is pushing it since you are living vicariously through other people. Then again, that's being a sports fan.

Anonymous said...

I tend to agreetwith you on that point Neate. I have never been interested in such merchandise either. If I wish to show my team support, a simple all purpose cap or t-shirt with the basic logo is enough.As long as there are people any where in the world who will buy the hyped-up stuff the marketers and merchandisers will push it. Hey, if they make big bucks from it, who is to blame them for doing it.
However, we do not have to put down our money to buy in if we do not want to. Let the "other" suckers make them rich.

sager said...

I think my position was galvanized around 1991, the summer after the Bills made their first SB appearance... I saw some guy at a corner store in upstate NY wearing a shirt boasting of the Bills' three-straight AFC East titles...