Saturday, October 06, 2007


Red Sox go up 2-0: In the interest of full disclosure, by the time Manny Ramírez finished off the Angels with a walk-off homerun, the Friday Night Lights season premiere had come calling. That show can at least be counted on to deliver a climax that wasn't seen in 2004 (walk-off homer, Fenway flips out, seen it) and actually comes in less than four hours and five minutes.
Cleveland leads 2-0: There was Pestilence and Famine heralding the ratings apocalypse that will await Fox Network execs when they end up having to ballyhoo a Cleveland-Colorado World Series in a couple weeks. Famine was represented by the Yankees getting three hits in an 11-inning game and could also take the form of Roger Clemens showing up for his Game 3 start on Sunday weighing about 155 lbs. Somehow, this is all A-Rod's fault.

(Cleveland vs. Denver has to happen. Finally, a chance to make up for what John Elway did to the origianl Browns in January 1987. Grady Sizemore will have his pick of women, in Cleveland, afterward. Now there's a Faustian compact.)

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