Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Who knows, maybe it's a sign one-time Ottawa Lynx teammates Jamey Carroll and catcher Michael Barrett were involved in the winning play in last night's National League wild-card tiebreaker. Some higher power obviously wants us to get the message that this city should give the baseball business another try.

Can-Am League commissioner Miles Wolff is in Ottawa today, talking to city councillors and officials about the independent league team taking over the Lynx lease and establishing itself at the stadium. The first time he was here it was a day trip from Quebec City, where he operates the Can-Am loop's Capitales. This time, he's actually come from his home base in North Carolina, so that should tell you how hungry Wolff is to be part of the Ottawa sports scene.

Just a thought: If the commissioner is this eager, and has as much pull as Wolff does in the league, it means other Can-Am operators will fall in line and be committed to making Ottawa work. The lack of faith from other owners was the smoking gun with both Ottawa CFL teams, which is something that's been left out the current discussion about reviving football. That's why baseball is more doable than another CFL team here.

There are a lot of ifs to contemplate, especially from a legal standpoint, but hopefully Wolff's sincerity will win over the right people. The man thought he had a deal back in April, didn't get it and he's still come back. He's been a straight shooter from Day 1, near as any semi-detached observer can tell. Wolff is willing to take a bit of the back-of-the-hand treatment from the city (frankly, not sure who's driving that at this point, but it probably isn't council) to make things right.

Meantime, and this is written with the full knowledge that most newsrooms in Ottawa are strapped for staff, can more media outlets pick up on this? Yes, the Senators' season starts tomorrow and there's a provincial election campaign on. Please take a little time and realize that for reasons beyond the ken of any rational being, the city seems to be begging to play lawyerball on the taxpayer's dime(s) instead of baseball here in 2008. Don't do the typical Ottawa thing and bemoan the loss of baseball on some random slow news day in the middle of next July; it will be too late by then and the diehard ball fans here will not be appreciative.

Anyways, in case it went too late last night, Carroll, whose No. 3 was retired by the Lynx, capped the Colorado Rockies' winning rally in the 13th inning with a sacrifice fly off the Padres' Trevor Hoffman, the most prolific closer in the history of baseball. The Rockies' Matt Holliday scored the winning run by sliding under an attempted tag from Barrett, who caught for the Lynx in 2000 before moving up to the majors.

That probably doesn't mean anything to the current situation Ottawa baseball lovers are facing with regard to hoping for another team here, but we have to have hope.


Pete Toms said...

The real ( regular ) baseball season ended last nite. Although it lacked high profile teams, last night' s game has to rate as one of the most exciting ends to a regular season in the game's history. Rockies win 14 of last 15 to qualify for playoffs in the bottom of the 13th in the 163rd game. WOW. ONLY BASEBALL can provide that sort of drama. A true fan, of either team, who invested themselves into all 163 games of this season has just had an unforgettable experience. Forget 7 game series, this is when fandom ascends to it's absolute heights. Or maybe it's nostalgia in me for the 87 Blue Jays collapse because I saw some tape on the TV this AM...

Anyway, I agree with Jeff Blair and the TBS guys - I question THE CALL. It was a weird, weird play...Mclelland took forever to make the call and while waiting for the call neither player reacted even though it appears that Holliday never touched the plate. Why didn't Barrett tag him after he slid past and Mclelland had his thumb in his bum? Why didn't Holliday scramble for the plate? Did he think he was safe? Did he think himself out and was trying to "sell" to Mclelland that he was safe? Was he just stunned? The reaction of the entire Pads team was weird. Why weren't every one of them on the field pleading with every umpire and official from MLB that they could find?

The Lynx connections; yes nice to see Carroll a hero. Ironically I thought ( and still think ) that Hurdle's decision to remove Atkins for Carroll in the 6th? was a mistake. It was too early to take your #5 hitter out of the game particularly when it wasn't a double switch. As for Barrett does anyone else remember him playing 3rd base here? Remember that Expos connundrum? 3rd or C? We also got a glimpse of former Lynx Sledge as a PH last nite.

As for Can Am, I'm encouraged that Miles Wolff is back in town, it's better than him not coming back I guess. I agree with you that the local media have lost interest in the story. Yes there is a Citizen story today but overall the past few weeks the wind has been sucked out of this story. I attribute it to the crumbling of Lansdowne / CFL story and of course the ubiquitous ( my spelling is shit but I digress ) Sens started and finished their completely meaningless pre season schedule.

Anyway, nothing that happens in baseball the remainder of October will have the drama and excitement of the Rockies run to the playoffs.

Tyler King said...

Actually, Barrett did tag him as the ump was calling him safe - so he should've been out.