Sunday, September 16, 2007


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's hockey blog Empty Netters took a pretty good dig at the Senators:
Ottawa stole a page out of the Penguins' marketing playbook and had several of their players personally deliver season ticket packages. Except they only did it with rich, snooty suite holders. We guess Dany Heatley and company couldn't get their hands dirty talking to regular season ticket holders.

Fire away, Sens apologists, with the weak justifications: Oh, Pittsburgh is just jealous they lost to us in the playoffs! Right, 'cause the NHL team and the local media corps, it's all one in the same. Of course, some of the latter in Ottawa have been known to leave that impression from time to time over the years.

Don't shoot the messenger -- a lapsed Leafs fan can hardly be shrill about another organization's elitism. Please do check out Empty Netters. It has James Mirtle's guarantee. (Guarantee void in Tennessee.)

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