Saturday, September 15, 2007


That refrigerator can't defrost itself... or can it? You owe it to yourself to wait and see.

  • Talk the Boston Red Sox fans in off the ledge after last night's eighth-inning epic.

    Cool Standings says the Sox will hang on to win the AL East by four games. Good thing Boston has Eric Gagne to mop up after Jon Papelbon blows a big a lead.
  • Women's World Cup: Canada 4, Ghana nil. This is the first time a soccer victory has ever been described as "comprehensive." That's a good word when the only drama after the break was whether Andrea Neil would pass Nepean's own Charmaine Hooper for most caps in the history of the national team. So it's a must-win Wednesday vs. the Matildas.
  • Fred Nykamp might get a severance package from Canadian Soccer Association without ever working a day for footy's national governing body. Those guys in the black shirts are on to something.
  • CFL: Eskimos 47, Alouettes 28. Bet the grocery money on Montreal for next week -- blowout loss at B.C., blowout win back at home over the Lions, now a blowout loss in Edmonton in the front end of a home-and-home.

    Yes, Ricky Ray now has thrown for more yards for Edmonton than Warren Moon. It made us felt dirty inside even before checking the numbers.

    Ray has averaged 8.24 yards per pass and one touchdown pass every 24.7 attempts. Moon averaged 8.91 yards and a touchdown every 16.5 attempts. Sure, he had the greatest team of all time around him, but this was also when refs didn't throw a penalty flag whenever a receiver was breathed on too hard.
  • NCAA hockey isn't on the radar screen, but this bears mentioning: Some you probably already know Phoenix Coyotes phenom and Super Series standout Kyle Turris is one of three first-rounders playing for the Wisconsin Badgers. Sam Gagner had committed to play there before deciding to join the London Knights, so it could have been four.
  • Twenty-three years ago today, a pair of redheads who would grow to have a penchant for the ribald, Prince Harry and Shawn Sager, Official Little Brother of Out of Left Field, each came into the world. The similarities -- the hair, the well-publicized youthful indiscretions, the many, many ladies, fairly demands a tale of the tape.

    Prince Harry vs. Shawn Sager

    Special skills

    PH: Tank commander, British Army
    SS: Kicks ass in World of Warcraft

    Personal kryptonite
    PH: Faux-blondes in cowboy hats (see Cymbalisty, Cherie)
    SS: Not so fussy about the need for a cowboy hat

    PH: Charles, Prince of Wales
    SS: Dan, Driver of Nails (he's a contractor)

    Accomplished older sibling
    PH: Brother, Prince William
    SS: Sister, Trina (the other sibling, not so much)

    Avril Lavigne connection
    PH: Once personally invited pop singer to play at a charity function
    SS: Has the same hometown of Napanee, Ontario

    Known formally as...
    PH: Prince Henry of Wales
    SS: Freckle

    Happy birthday, Shawn.

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