Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Canada-Argentina was over faster than Miss Teen South Carolina's chances of winning a Rhodes Scholarship.

Leo's lads got down 18-4 right off the hop tonight at the FIBA Americas and they didn't even have Mike Mussina pitching. Argentina cruised 85-70, with newish Raptor Carlos Delfino putting up 15 points and six rebounds and moving with a great deal of alacrity.

The upshot (besides Delfino having a good game) is that there's still a shot if the team bounces back. (Anyone remember Carleton being down 39 points at the half to York last season, then beating that same team in the playoffs?) Beat the Nolan Richardson-coached Mexicans and then Puerto Rico and they should be OK. Mexico is worrisome since it plays pressure defence and Canada, of course, is giving it a lick and a polish when it comes to put several sure-handed guards on the floor at the same time. Mark at cishoops.ca should have it all covered.

(On a semi-related note, the Celtics signing James Posey a couple days ago should be cause for concern among Raptors fans for this season. He gives the Celtics the glue guy they didn't have; Miami might not have won the title in 2006 without him; he can make some shots to help turn around a playoff game when nothing else is working.)

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