Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Don't be surprised at all if this is The Week "it" finally happens for the University of Toronto Varsity Blues, who have that 35-game winless streak that dates back to October 2001.

The U of T's next opponent, the also largely hapless Waterloo Warriors, just got a setback when head coach Chris Triantafilou abruptly resigned yesterday. Granted, you never take too much glee in another team's misfortune (unless it's the Western Mustangs) and you never pretend to understand what's going on inside another football team, but you have to imagine that would set back the Warriors players quite a bit.

Coach Tree, as he's known, cited family commitments and the opportunity to take a job with the U of Waterloo's senior adminstration, but he's also leaving a team that has been outscored 102-11 so far this season.

So, U of T, Saturday's game against Waterloo -- the Toilet Bowl? the Game of the Weak? -- presents your best chance in quite some time to win a football game to win a football game. Noble Blues, it might also be your best chance for quite some time, although your next two opponents, the Guelph Gryphons and York Lions, aren't any great shakes either.

There would be some symbolism, since The Streak started with a 37-6 loss to none other than Waterloo back on Oct. 20, 2001. You could look it up.

So yes, come Saturday, when the Queen's Golden Gaels are hopefully doing the Homecoming stomp on the Windsor Lancers, yours truly's ears will be perked to hear out-of-town scoring updates from the Waterloo-U of T game. We're all in this together.

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