Friday, August 22, 2008

Blog Blast Past: Lefties have the last laugh

Through ShysterBall and's Rob Neyer, word is wending its way through the series of tubes that the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y. will have a salute to Bull Durham on Sept. 19 (how ironic that a reporter named Mark McGuire is posting on the Hall of Fame), five years after Dale Petroskey nixed an event for political reasons. From March 26, 2008, here's the OOLF take on Petroskey's ouster from Cooperstown: 

Dale Petroskey being forced out as president of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y., for "fail(ing) to exercise proper fiduciary responsibility" touches all the bases.

It's a veritable grand slam for fans of baseball, free speech, getting the last laugh and A-holes getting what they've had coming to them for some time. Petroskey, a former Reagan Administration apple-polisher, is the jerk who, back in 2003 shortly after the U.S. invaded Iraq -- how's that going, by the way? -- cancelled an event at Cooperstown marking the 15th anniversary of the release of Bull Durham since its stars, Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon, had publicly criticized the war. Naturally, he didn't have the grace to tell them by phone. One interpretation was that he was banking that going out of his way to be a jerk would turn Karl Rove's crank.

Robbins' who-me response, if memory serves, was priceless, something like, "I wasn't planning to talk about the war -- I thought we were going to talk about baseball."

The Hall of Fame ended up apologizing to Robbins and Sarandon -- not that the drip-dry Hollywood lefties weren't smug enough already! -- after it got e-mail bombed back to the pre-Internet age. The Hall got so many angry messages that its server crashed. The political climate was pretty sensitive, but politicizing a sports institution was beyond the pale. (An event to mark the movie's anniversary was held, but not at Cooperstown.)

Anyway, the irony is rich. Dale Petroskey is packing it in less than a week after the fifth anniversary of the Iraq invasion. We all know better about the whole affair. The Bush Administration's "failure to exercise proper fiduciary policy" is causing heartache and financial strain for many Americans every day. At least Dale Petrosky's resignation in disgrace from the Baseball Hall of Fame comes just a few weeks ahead of the 20th anniversary of Bull Durham. The classy gesture would be to invite Robbins and Sarandon back.

(And now they are.)

Being a baseball nerd can run a good baseball movie (June 20, 2008)


Anonymous said...

You left winged idiots are just damned lucky that others are there to defend your "freedom of speech" because our money would say be "in Allah we trust".

Who cares about some stupid movie that has nothing to do with the history of baseball anyway!

Loose lips sink ships you in war you a-holes.

Besides the Bull Durham incident, what else can you blame on Dale Petrosky.

He has done more under his presidency for the Hall of Fame than anyone has since it was founded.

You obviously don't care about baseball than you do for so called (and not very good) Actors anyway.

You can not see the big picture here, it was I am sure politics had to do with Dale leaving (aka, Tim Russert)

sager said...

Well, you asked ...

1. Baseball writers and historians have frequently complained that the Hall of Fame is no longer a reliable or available resource for important research projects (ask my friend John Brattain).

2. The Hall has lost credibility as a living archive (i.e., any reference to the racially motivated court-martial Jackie Robinson went through in 1944 has been removed -- even though it was a well-known enough incident that it was made into a movie).

3. National baseball writers like Keith Law and Rob Neyer are being kept from joining the BBWAA and having the privilege to vote in Hall of Fame elections -- which in turn will affect which players gain induction.

4. If politics forced your buddy out, remember who brought politics into the Hall.

5. Anyone who reads this site knows what baseball means to me.

That enough? It's already more of a reply than you deserve.

Anonymous said...

Baseball writers always know the game better than anyone (armchair athletes) I for one am tired of hearing how good a player is by a writer (how many writers are pro scouts?) all you can do is put something in print and you think the general will believe it. That is why I don't like to read, ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS! get off your a$$es and do something constructive other than just bitching about it.

sager said...

That is why I don't like to read.

Is it even worth pointing out that if you read more, you might have a chance of making a shred of sense?

Anonymous said...

read more? most newspapers are on a 4th grade level. Let's dumb down america. Put more sports reporters on tv to inflate their heads. Show me their salaries for all the crap they get for free. These people have more influence on children than any athlete ever will. Don't tell me they didn't know aboiut the whole steroids thing for years and kept their mouth shut. Now they sit all high and mighty when they were running around like little lemmings. P.S. Can we run a drug and alcohol screening test for all of them? No, they'll cry to the union.

sager said...

I didn't mean read more newspapers, pal...